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Hay Sushi is known for its generous portions, reasonable prices, friendly service, collection and delivery. Service is a top priority here, and one of the many things Hay Sushi prides itself on is our quality service. Hay Sushi service is fast and the staff are very friendly. Hay Sushi, serving the most delicious food with the freshest vegetables and meat!

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Hay Sushi Customer Reviews

264 reviews


  • it never arrived


  • The food came in 2 hours late. Saggy and cold. The delivery guy was rude and lazy. I wont be ordering from here again and nor do i recommend it and also very bad quality food.


  • I loved all the food.


  • We ordered last night and delivery time was superb - 15 minutes ahead of predicted time. However we spent over £40 and got no wasabi, soy sauce or ginger slices so sushi rolls were dry and a bit disappointing. The condiments are an integral part of the meal, not a random add-on. Your food is very good so we will order again but wanted you to know your oversight dampened our enjoyment of the meal.


  • Great sushi thank you. We had a bit of a blip last time I ordered, very glad we gave it another go, we love sushi and Japanese food and the sushi we had tonight was excellent.


  • Hay sushi is the best!!


  • Love hay sushi forever^ ^ It was soooo good


  • Unfortunately one of the items ordered was missing. I also asked for the items to be gluten free but they were not and we received notice of this. Order was also 25 minutes late


  • The crunch roll we received was actually the duck crunch roll, and the duck still had a very strong taste and felt uncooked. The rest was good. Some sushis weren't particularly neat in their presentation.


  • The crunch roll wasn't crunchy and it seemed to have been replaced by the duck crunch roll. The salmon skin roll wasn't particularly big and I couldn't really notice the cooked salmon.


  • Takes 2 hour to


  • Really disappointed with Hay Sushi, will definitely not be ordering from here again! After ordering I received a call from the restaurant to let me know that one of the items I had ordered was unavailable and did I want up swap? I said no I'd rather just have a refund. They tried to persuade me to swap as it was easier but I said no, a bit annoying. Then the food turned up half an hour earlier than is been told! Not normally an issue but it messed up my plans and meant my husband had a reheated meal... Then the ramen soup I'd ordered had no noodles! The teriyaki chicken was pretty tasteless and was about 80% plain rice, 20% chicken...


  • Great sushis, fast delivery!


  • Great sushis, fresh and neat. Speedy delivery as well.


  • Excellent sushis, very fast delivery. Will order again.